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Jet regulator, flow controler, water saving aerator, aerator or Flow Straightener, there are various names to define the part that is in the tap end. This piece, an essential element of the faucet, screwed with housing and gasket, channels the stream tap, calibrate flow rate, avoid splashing and filter the residues in the water.

Flow regulator is name the official term of French CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) for these products.

To replace advantageously ECOPERL France ® offers a wide choice of quality criteria following diameters, flow rates (classic or water saving aerator) materials, stream flow, use or price level.


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copyright  - ecoperl 2014

Choose the aerator suitable in 5 steps (click on the links to read more) :

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Below our ranges:
jet regulators, Flow Straightener, aerator, flow regulators and accessories

Aerated stream - Aerators Eco series, NF-EN 246 aerators WATERSENSE aerators, aerators in aerated spray, only refill or ring size M16, F22, M24, M28x100 or integrated ...

Non-aerated stream - Jet regulator series Eco, aerators, airless Health Special, single charge or ring size F22, M24, M28x100 ...

Domestic aerators - Series of aerators, aerators, for domestic use, aerator 2 Eco jets mounted on ball, flexible, LED dimmer or ...

Aerators Accessories - Accessories series of valves, rings, seals, parts or devices for measuring flow and pressure ...