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Water is a precious resource. It is all the more valuable it will not inexhaustible and that one over the other, the price increases 10% per year in France.

ECOPERL France ® has brainchild there several years of strong demand from communities on reducing water costs. Consists of an engineer and professionals, the company is reinforced by the activation of an R & D oriented "design flow regulators."

All customer needs are reported, analyzed and translated into the design of a unique product line in Europe.

The primary function of ECOPERL France ® is manufacturing jets regulators and water-saving shower.

For many years efforts have been worn on the quality of materials used in response to hygiene and maintenance requirements.

ECOPERL France ® offers its range of flow controllers to meet the different needs encountered.

Our 90% product components are from a European production (France, Italy, Germany) and assembled in our factory in France Southwest.

The second function through its SERVIPERL ® research department is the council, the choice and installation of said system "of saving water."

Our products contribute significantly to climate protection and the environment. They save water and reduce energy consumption in the preparation of hot water (lower CO2 emissions).

With products ECOPERL France ®, everyone can save between 10 and 25 liters of water per day / person. A household of 4 people and saves up to 220 bathtubs of water a year.

A picture is worth a thousand words ...

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ECOPERL France ® offers innovative solutions around the theme of water, allowing the tap to the shower to reduce water consumption while maintaining comfort and health.

References ECOPERL France ® are both major wholesalers, distributors of the GSB, the Pro Networks, valves manufacturers, industrial customers as those of the hotel industry, local authorities or Social housing (HLM) in the part of the French Energy Saving Certificates (C2E / EEC).

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