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Showers, water-saving showers (or hydroéconomes), shower hoses and shower rods, recently the world of the bathroom has become synonymous with comfort and living space. In this section is presented anything related to this universe.

ECOPERL France ® offers a wide selection of quality products called "hydrotherapy" following design criteria, flow rates (water saving shower), materials, jets of numbers, use or price level.

Sets making flexible + bar + custom shower or choice in the kits already created.

As part of your operations energy saving certificates, you will find our eligible EEC showers ranges (NF-EN 1112 / Z class or WATERSENSE EPA)

Our models of showers or showers are variously standard NF EN-1112 / Z class or NSF / WATERSENSE

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copyright  - ecoperl 2014

Help yourself to our Pictograph to choose and understand - see table Pictos

Below our ranges:
Showers, shower hoses, hardware and accessories

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